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Equal to the Earth Poems
by Jee Leong Koh

In his first full-length collection, Koh speaks with a range of voices—ancestral, recent and contemporary—and travels a span of ground to investigate the imaginary claims of community and self. At the center of this investigation, as of the book, lies the great question of love.

6x9, perfect bound, 95 pages, $15.00. Buy from Amazon.

“Koh is a vigorous, physical poet very much captured by the expressive power of rhythm, rhetoric, and the lexicon. He is also, paradoxically, a poet in pursuit of the most elusive and delicate of human emotions. The contradiction is wonderful and compelling, and so are his poems.”—Vijay Seshadri, author of The Long Meadow (Graywolf Press)


Seven Studies for a Self Portrait
Poems by Jee Leong Koh

Seven Studies for a Self Portrait, Jee Leong Koh's third book of poems, subjects the self to an increasingly complex series of personal investments and investigations. Ever-evolving, ever-improvisatory, the self appears first as a suite of seven ekphrastic poems, then as free verse profiles, riddles, sonnet sequences, and finally a divan of forty-nine ghazals. The discovery the book makes at the end is that the self sees itself best when it is not by itself. 

6x9, perfect bound, 124 pages, $15.00. Buy from Amazon

Anne Kaufmann

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