The Second Saturdays
Reading Series 

The Second Saturdays Reading Series is a monthly gathering in New York City for the reading of Singaporean and American literatures. Held in different intimate venues around the city, the readings feature established and emerging writers. We have featured Vijay Seshadri, Madeleine Thien, Min Jin Lee, Gina Apostol, Dale Peck, Monique Truong, Jericho Brown, Naomi Novik, Chinelo Okparanta, Martha Cooley, Dan Feng Tan, Amanda Lee Koe, and Jeremy Tiang, among others. Besides writers, we have also featured other artists, such as singer Phillip Cheah, ceramicist Hong-Ling Wee, filmmaker Kirsten Tan, and chef Kian Lam Kho.

Each gathering begins with a potluck and an open reading. All are welcomed. Please write to Jee Leong Koh at for details of the next reading. 

The reading series takes its name from the first gathering of Singaporeans at Paul and Al Rozario-Falcones’ apartment in Brooklyn on February 8, 2014, the second Saturday of the month. The inaugural reading took place the following month in Jee Leong Koh and Guy Humphrey’s home on the Upper West Side.




Current Season


Sep   Emily Brandt (editor)
Oct    Deborah Landau and Ally Chua
Nov   Cornelius Eady and Concetto (musicians)
Dec   Susan Choi
Jan    Shamila Sen
Feb    SJ Rozan and Jeremy Tiang (translator)
Mar   Grace Talusan
Apr    Katherine Swett and Martin Farawell
May   Eunice Lau (filmmaker)
Jun    Chris Campanioni

Past Seasons


Sep   Martha Cooley (translator of Antonio Tabucchi)
Oct    3rd Singapore Lit Fest in NYC
Nov   Valerie Mendelson (artist/curator)
Dec   Madeleine Thien
Jan    Gina Apostol
Feb    Dale Peck
Mar   Celina Su and Thomas March
Apr    Jenifer Sang Eun Park and Lawrence Ypil
May   Philip Holden
Jun    Jericho Brown


Sep   Kimberley Lim (editor)
Oct    Akhil Sharma
Nov   Donald Breckenridge
Dec   Jenny Xie
Jan    Min Jin Lee
Feb    Jeremy Tiang
Mar   Norashiqin Toh, Jeremy Tiang, and Jee Leong Koh read from Alfian Sa'at's Malay Sketches
Apr    Gina Apostol, Joel Tan, Nur Sabrina Bte Dzulkifli read from Alfian Sa'at's Malay Sketches
May   Tim Tomlinson
Jun    Jason Wee (editor) and Loo Zihan (artist)


Sep   2nd Singapore Literature Festival in NYC
Oct   Dan Feng Tan (translator/editor)
Nov   Claudia Serea and Josh Lefkowitz
Dec   Naomi Novik
Jan    Chinelo Okparanta
Feb    Phillip Cheah (singer/conductor)
Mar   Jason Irwin and Jenny Ashburn
Apr    Sohrab Homi Fracis
May   R. Nemo Hill
Jun    Ann Aptaker


Oct   Kian Lam Kho (chef)
Nov   Naomi Jackson
Dec   Helaine L. Smith
Jan    Jeremy Tiang
Feb    Tina Chang
Mar   Rachel Cantor
Apr    SJ Rozan
May   Sari Wilson
Jun    Gina Apostol


Sep    Amanda Lee Koe, Jee Leong Koh, Jeremy Tiang (Starry Island)
Oct    1st Singapore Literature Festival in NYC
Nov   Amanda Lee Koe
Dec    Martha Cooley
Jan     Christine Chia, Damon Chua, Jee Leong Koh, Jeremy Tiang (A Luxury We Cannot Afford)
Feb    Monique Truong
Mar   Kirsten Tan (filmmaker)
Apr    Hong-Ling Wee (ceramicist)
May   James Hannaham
Jun     Patricia Park


Feb    Launch party
Mar   Open Reading
Apr    Vijay Seshadri
May   Joseph Legaspi
Jun   Cheryl Tan, Colin Goh, Damon Chua
(Singapore Noir)
Jul    Naomi Jackson
Aug   Jason Koo