The First Singapore Unbound Fellowship Award Event

Held on Wednesday, 17 July 2017, at Artistry Cafe, the first Singapore Unbound Fellowship Award Event celebrated our first fellow, emerging playwright Nur Sabrina binte Dzulkifli. Nur Sabrina received the first half of her USD5000 award and will receive the second half at the end of her two weeks' stay in New York City. She plans to travel to NYC in April 2018. At the award event, she presented an excerpt from her new play "This Is Not a Draft" to much praise. The play dramatized, in both English and Malay, the seldom-discussed topic of lesbianism in Singapore's Malay Muslim community.

Our heartfelt thanks to the award judges Tan Dan Feng, Constance Singam, and Philip Holden, who delivered the judges' citation. To Rehina Pereira for presenting the award to Nur Sabrina. Joel Bertand Tan for emceeing the event. Pooja Nansi for her vocal performances. Poet Teo Xiao Ting and fictionist Nuraliah Norasid for reading. Claire Wong, Nabilah Said, and Mahirah Abdul Latif for performing in Nur Sabrina's play. Jon Gresham and Yoshio Matsuzaki for their photography.

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