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SP Blog seeks the best poetry, literary fiction, and non-fiction written in English by authors who identify as Asian. We also publish reviews of American books by Singaporeans and vice versa. We pay USD25 for an original poem, short story, or non-fiction work, and USD50 for a book review. Submit 3-5 poems/flash fictions or 1 short story, with a brief cover letter, in PDF or MS Word format, to Jee at

To see what original work we like, read Kaustuv Ghosh’s poems and Stephanie Ye’s short story “Cardiff.” For book reviews, read Helaine L. Smith’s review of Shirley Geok-Lin Lim and Eric Norris’s review of Wena Poon. They have different styles, but they are both opinionated, specific, and pleasurable to read. If you are new to SP Blog, please inquire first with a published sample before sending us a review. 

SP Blog, formerly Singapore Poetry, is our arts, culture, and politics blog. It began life on October 15, 2013, as an independent website and rapidly attracted a following. On September 30, 2016, it became the official blog of Singapore Unbound.

Every April, we hold The Singapore Poetry Contest, for which poetry submissions are sought from non-Singaporeans. The only requirement for submissions is that they include the word “Singapore.” They can, otherwise, be on any theme. Our annual round-up “My Book of the Year” seeks the opinions of a wide cross-section of Singapore’s artistic and scholarly community.

We are always looking for excellent creative and critical writing. Although we are primarily a literary blog, we are also very interested in the visual arts, including film and TV, and in music and theater. For enquiries, write to Jee at jkoh@singaporeunbound.